Monday, November 21, 2011

GLEN ARMSTRONG and the Dirty Clergy Part II

Here's the rest of the awesome tracks from the Glen Armstrong release "Bring Me the Head of the Saxophone Player!"

Glen's cover of The Doors "The End" is worth the price of admission alone! Best use of a Casio ever!!!

"Are You a Boy Clone or a Girl Clone"
"Two Boptometrists"
"Lisa's Gone"
"Black Light"
"The Ocean"
"Paper Cup Blues"
"Lump of Heroin"
"Dig Those Crazy Sperms/Jump Street/The End"
"Owl Stretching Time"

I was going to stretch this out over a couple of weeks, but then I found this link where WFMU had posted ALL the tracks from Glen's second killer tape "under a van gogh sky" back in 2007, and the song links are still intact, so do yourself a favor and go download some of the best unheard classic rock of all time right here: Glen Armstrong - "under a van gogh sky"

Two hours later, now I remember why I don't do these kind of posts!

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